Epicyon release version 1.5.0

Jan 22 2024

The ActivityPub social web continues to attract interest and assimilate refugees from corporate social media. Over the last year, maintenance of Epicyon has been scrambling along like an eager pup and there have been no major features added.

Changes in this version include:

Epicyon logo of a running dog with paw prints in the background

It's becoming clearer that the ActivityPub protocol might be the long term future of social networks and social media, with even the incumbents begrudgingly either starting to support it or making promises to that effect. There might be challenges which go along with becoming more mainstream. Perhaps some of the larger Mastodon instances could be bought by big companies, or their admins be recruited as employees under corporate dominion. Another possible hazard would be if the protocol becomes endlessly extensible, creating a situation of infinite or ineffable attack surface. But whatever shenanigans may occur Epicyon has been designed with the assumption that the wider network is hostile and it should be able to continue regardless. More small instances rather than giant monoliths are the preferable way to go.

Screenshot of the main timeline showing posts and left and right columns

Epicyon can be downloaded as a gzipped file, or you can get the latest version from the git repo. For installation instructions see the main page. To upgrade an existing instance, make sure that you have the python3-cryptography package installed then do a git pull, chown and restart the daemon.